Friday, July 6, 2018


As TV hosts would say after a break: "And we're back!"

And so are we, Lib Lifers! Back for another school year, and back for more library-related news. It’s already July, would you believe? The weeks have been a blur, and each day brings us closer and closer to Jose Rizal University's 100th year! Yes, it's not every day that an institution can claim to be in existence for a century, but come 2019, JRU shall indeed be celebrating its centennial.

Finding Love

As part of the University's preparation for the big day, it shall be promoting 100 Rizalian Love Stories, an event that compiles romantic tales based on relationships that started within Jose Rizal University

Image courtesy of the Jose Rizal University Facebook page.

Three of our library staff had generously shared their love stories for this occasion – Mr. Jose P. Juayong from the Main Library, whom 14 years ago, listened to his heartbeat tell him that his partner, then Ms. Ma. Elennila Mandodoc (a Law student), was the right one;

The story of us: Mr. Jose P. Juayong recalls his JRU love story with his 'switie'.

Mrs. Gloria R. Enriquez from the Elementary Library, whose prayer of finding Mr. Right in the early eighties was answered in the person of Mr. Joselito Enriquez, her former bodyguard and future travel buddy;

Happy together: Mrs. and Mr. Enriquez.

and Mr. Jaycee G. Belen from the High School Library, who fell in love with former HRM student Ms. Kris Chela Enteria, and eventually learned that the feeling was mutual as he patiently waited for her to graduate.

If you have your own romantic tale that started in JRU, come and have it added at the 100 Rizalian Love Stories event this July 14, 2018, 8AM to 5PM, at the Main Library!

Opening Minds

In other news involving the Main Library, The Human Books invitational talk (which was inspired by De La Salle University Libraries' Human Library sessions) debuted last February 20, 2018 at the Learning Commons. Making its first ever appearance in the university, the program saw three of its guests open up about their personal experiences on controversial yet timely issues.

Straight talk: The Human Books

Drawing from the idea of how books "talk" to its reader, the speakers became the embodiment of this concept by being the voice behind the actual story; offering an interactive approach as they gave their young audience the chance to ask questions as they spoke.

Mr. Robin Jake  S. Correa disclosed his experience on being a part of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community;

Dealing with prejudice: Mr. Correa on LGBT.

Ms. Jean Marilette S. Abelardo (one of our Branch Librarians) revealed the challenges of teenage pregnancy;

and Ms. Glhaiza Shane P. Pacheco shared her thoughts on the burden of depression.

Ms. Pacheco reveals the reality of depression.

Curious minds tend to search for answers to questions that might be considered taboo or sensitive in nature; The Human Books provided the stage for healthy discussion on some of these inquiries in the most honest way possible.

This program was done in cooperation with the JRU Book Buddies organization.

Challenging Imaginations

Rounding off the news for this entry is the Book Trailer Making Contest – a special activity that puts students in the director's chair. This is an ongoing project that was introduced recently during the Senior High's library orientation.

Lights, camera, action! Promote a book as a director!

With the use of a favorite book as inspiration, the contest challenges the creativity of the students as they combine text, graphics, and live action to create a short video clip like that of movie previews seen in theaters. It may be done individually or as a group, and students are free to add elements like background music or voiceovers.

Given the allotted time of one minute or less, the entries would need to be concise yet appealing enough to gain interest; though sometimes all it takes is a few seconds and a wild imagination to create something fantastic.

The Book Trailer Making Contest runs until the end of August 2018.

And that's it for this entry, Lib Lifers! Make sure to check back soon for more news and updates surrounding the library. Have a healthy lib life in the meantime!

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