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How are you today?

Well, all of us are coping and moving on. We really have to!

There’s always a way to make life meaningful regardless how bad the situations may be. We just have to recognize and embrace these sudden changes in our life in order for us to adjust and cope with it. Pandemic has brought many changes and challenges in the way the library do things and Librarians’ dilemma is to come up with innovative ideas specifically on its programs and services in order to address the situation and keep abreast with the times.  

Here is a quick, exciting short list of fun things we do in our library in this time of pandemic other than just checking out books. These ideas would be a great boredom buster for students. Check it out and get inspiration from these activities.


1.        Book talk  Showdown Online -

With the emerging technologies, many students have "forgotten about" reading books for pleasure as a creative option. The goal of this activity is to encourage reading among JRU college community by inspiring students about books, showing them the interesting facts about the authors, themes and plot of chosen stories in a video presentation. These videos are uploaded in JRU library FB page to generate reactions.

Book talk showdown is prepared to share and impart valuable insights of good reading habits of our students.



 2.        Koha Crossword Puzzle-

Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) is one of the online services being provided by the Library.  OPAC is very useful for researchers (especially in times of Enhanced/General Community Quarantine -ECQ at GCQ) because of its very informative features.  It is also easy to use and available 24/7.

To encourage students to explore our OPAC, the library formulate an interactive activity where they can enjoy the use of our OPAC, the KOHA Crossword puzzle.


3.       TIKTOK Book –

Tiktok app is very popular nowadays not only for teens but also to almost all ages because of its creative and fun ways of expressing themselves through singing, dancing and lip-syncing.

For many of these users, gaining likes, followers and getting their videos featured on the app are important priorities.  Creating and sharing their own content is now a big part of how teens spend their time online. Teens are moving away from being spectators online to becoming content creators. This app can be a really creative way, fun way for teens to express themselves and create their own social content.

Thus the library finds it challenging to also engage in such activity by creating their own short video either by promoting reading, or promoting a collection of the library.



4.       Book Trailer Making Contest-

         This activity aims to promote the books of their choice in a form of a teaser just like in movies. Students are encourage to use their creativity and imagination to produce a catchy video trailer. The teaser or trailer must be played for at least 1 to 2 minutes only.  




5.       E-hula-

The aim of this activity is to promote library e-resources in our library such as Proquest 5000, Gale Virtual reference Library (GVRL) and IG Library. During Hands-on training for electronic resources, Librarians prepare questions wherein students will interactively participate using their JRU e-mail and our different electronic resources.




 These are just some of the many activities done in our library and there’s a lot more! If you are interested to know more just visit our FB Page, Jose Rizal University Library. Have a great time!




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Sunday, September 6, 2020



'20/20' is meant to indicate "normal" vision, but this is a '2020' we never saw coming.


Be that as it may, it's great to be with you again, Lib Lifers; may this post find you well. 

Up to this point, 2020 has been a time of important adjustments, with the University starting its school year in August, to classes now being held online. While change isn’t always easy, there are times when it leads to something better.

Closed for now.


At Your Service

A library doesn’t feel whole without its students, but safety comes first. At current community quarantine levels, the JRU libraries remain closed to users, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t borrow books anymore. We are presently encouraging the use of our electronic resources, but if you simply must get your hands on some needed titles, then your wish is our command. 

Online is the Key

Start by searching up to three books through our OPAC. Send an email to to have our staff set these aside, and you’ll be informed if they are ready for pick up at the lobby. You may claim the books personally, via proxy, or through courier service (at the borrower’s expense). 

A good benefit from borrowing books at this time is that you get to keep them for up to one (1) month. If there’s ever a good time to borrow that novel you’ve had your eye on, now is the perfect opportunity.

Novels: we've got you covered.

Books may be returned the same way through the lobby. Please let us know via email when to expect them, so that we may have them retrieved. Overdue fees are still in effect, so be mindful of due dates.

The New Normal 

A peek inside the Main Library will reveal a closed shelf system. Access to the shelves is restricted to the staff, and once conditions improve and the library opens its doors again, the books that you want to borrow shall be fetched for you.

We'll take it from here.


Printed books and fiction books may still be borrowed for a month, so don’t be afraid to grab that thick paperback for reading; you’ve held back long enough.

Non-print resources such as Compact Discs may now be borrowed for two weeks, while the lending period for mobile resources like laptops remains the same for students. 

Social distancing protocols mean some differences will be felt in other services such as use of the Learning Commons: only four (4) people will be allowed inside the room instead of ten. Similarly, the Computer Workstations will only be accommodating 50% of its total capacity.


2020 may have momentarily left us in the dark, but it has never truly blinded us. The changes it has influenced only show that we are capable of adapting. 

The end of the road is not quite there yet, but as long as we carry on, there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Stay safe and productive, Lib Lifers!