Monday, January 22, 2024


Happy 2024, Lib Lifers! Let’s start the year with some partnership news:

Fifteen institutions from around the metropolis officially became affiliates at the Eastern Manila Library Consortium (EMLC) Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signing on September 27, 2023 at the Information Commons in Jose Rizal University.

As one.

These include Academia de Sta. Martha Inc. (Pasig City), Arellano University - Andres Bonifacio Campus (Pasig City), Arellano University - Plaridel Campus (Mandaluyong City), De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, Antipolo Campus (Antipolo City), Don Bosco Technical College (Mandaluyong City), Harris Memorial College, Inc. (Taytay, Rizal), Infant Jesus Learning Academy (Rodriguez, Rizal), Jose Rizal University (Mandaluyong City), Nuestra Señora de Aranzazu Parochial School (San Mateo, Rizal), Our Lady of Guadalupe Colleges, Inc. (Mandaluyong City), Rizal Technological University (Mandaluyong City), Sta.Cecilia Parochial School (San Mateo, Rizal), Tomas Claudio Colleges (Morong, Rizal), St. Paul College Pasig (Pasig City), and The Department of Education - Schools Division Office of Antipolo City (Antipolo City).

Before the signing itself, the new EMLC President, Mrs. Rosela D. Del Mundo from Jose Rizal University, reviewed the inclusions of the MOA to everyone present. Previously, areas of collaboration such as joint activities and programs, outreach, interlibrary loan, and more had been considered for the partnership, with the EMLC members ultimately agreeing to the sharing of resources, facilities, and best practices among others.

Mrs. Rosela Del Mundo reviews the MOA's content.

Also included in the program was the presentation of the new EMLC officers elected into position earlier on September 22, 2023. They are the following:

President - Rosela D. Del Mundo (Jose Rizal University, Madaluyong)

Vice-President - Francis Licup (Infant Jesus Learning Academy, Rodriguez, Rizal / Nuestra Señora de Aranzazu Parochial School, San Mateo, Rizal / & Sta. Cecilia Parochial School, San Mateo, Rizal)

Secretary - Juliet SJ. Belandres (Tomas Claudio Colleges, Morong, Rizal)

Treasurer - Cristina Avila (Don Bosco Technical College, Mandaluyong)

Auditor - Julie D. Dogillo (Arellano University, Pasig)

Public Relations Officer - Sunshine M. Mendaro (Arellano University - Plaridel Campus, Mandaluyong)

Board of Directors - Myla V. Magdalera (St. Paul College Pasig, Pasig)

Board of Directors - Bobby D. Cauilan (Rizal Technological University, Mandaluyong)

Board of Directors - Bernadette Baylon (DepEd Antipolo)

Introducing the new EMLC officers.

Mrs. Edna Cia-Cruz, Vice President for Information Systems at Jose Rizal University was present at the event as well.

Mrs. Edna Cia-Cruz welcomes our new partners.

Working under a common vision opens up incredible possibilities, and there is much excitement over the banding together of these institutions. The EMLC looks forward to increasing each members’ capacity as information providers with this collaboration.

Looking forward to the future!

Check back for news on future developments, Lib Lifers!

(Pictures are credited to Mrs. Rosela De Mundo, Mrs. Rechy Llamas, and Ms. Erin Joyce Del Rosario.)

Thursday, May 18, 2023


Mabuhay, Lib Lifers!

We really don’t seem to run out of talented writers from the Senior High School division, as proven yet again by essayists who took part in the Main Library’s Essay Writing Contest in celebration of National Teachers’ Day.

Adopting the year’s theme of "Gurong Pilipino, Dangal ng Sambayanang Pilipino", our SHS participants produced an impressive quality of entries; their words paying homage to the teachers that have taught them through the years. After careful review, five essays were awarded last December 5, 2022 via online and Facebook platforms:

Infographic design courtesy of Mr. Charliemagne Padernal.

4th place was attained by Paolo Andrei Cruz’s "#AddingFuelToTheFire" in which he compared teachers to fire serving as guides and mentors.

3rd place was awarded to Lance Lester Givanim’s "Success Says Thanks" and his belief that a student’s success is the best way to show gratitude to their teachers.

2nd place was earned by Radjah Herman’s "Becoming Human: Teaching and its Social Importance", where he proposed that teachers are the backbone of human society.

1st Place was secured by Simon Theodore Fabros’ "What a Teacher Is" and his intent to express the essence of being a teacher.

And Sabrina Aiko-Mari Santos’ "The Master of All Trades" in which she likens teachers to heroes deserving of thanks and honor made her the contest champion.

Many teachers will take part in a student’s life and be remembered well after graduation. Starting as strangers, they develop into mentors, confidants, friends, and even second parents as they devote their lives to guiding, challenging, and inspiring the next generation of people who can make a difference in the world. They deserve all the honor and praise given to them, and it is especially encouraging to hear this coming from our youth. Congratulations to our winners!

The Essay Writing Contest was held in cooperation with the Senior High School Language and Social Science Department under the chairmanship of Mrs. Carissa M. Enteria.


This essay emerged as the champion in the SHS Essay Writing Contest of the Main Library. Congratulations to Ms. Santos!

The Master of All Trades
Sabrina Aiko-Mari Santos

Teachers are the master of all trades who will do everything and anything within their capability to ignite the fire in students' minds. They are the farmers behind students' sprouting seeds of knowledge, heroes for wandering ambition, and medics of shattered aspirations. Millions of minds brimming with knowledge and talents expertly cultivated by unsung heroes, known as teachers, would ignite a bright future for each student. The world set the 5th of October every year as International World Teachers’ Day for the much-loved teachers to feel appreciated. International World Teachers’ Day is a day allotted to honor teachers worldwide because words cannot express the immeasurable weight of appreciation people have towards them.

Simply saying "thank you" would mean a lot to our dear teachers because they make sacrifices in order to feed our hungry minds with knowledge and because, in addition, they act as our "parents at school." They stand as a parent to many students at school, so how can they manage so many students when some parents find it difficult to manage even only one child? Through this, it proves that teachers are a special kind of hero in our world with such long patience for multiple students, each with their personalities, traits, and behaviors, because they have the kind of amazing characteristics that heroes possess: determination, bravery, and resiliency. They are determined in their desire to teach, brave in overcoming obstacles within their path, resilient in handling difficulties, and in continuing to stand their ground despite suffering from backaches from lifting others. Along with having secondary children,  teachers also have families of their own, as well as those of their friends, parents, own children, partners, and, most importantly, themselves. Even taking care of oneself may be difficult when so many people are dependent on you. In spite of the burdens they bear, they remain compassionate, selfless, and loving individuals who recognize how to be kind. Therefore, a simple indication of gratitude, like a "thank you", would already brighten a teacher's day.

There are several out of many methods to thank the instructors. On International World Teachers' Day, sweet-scented flowers and sweets are displayed throughout the campus as a way of indicating gratitude toward our beloved instructors. Additionally, students provide other presents, such as thoughtful thank-you cards, or other tokens of appreciation. It is an old trick, but a common arrangement by Filipino students is to surprise their teachers by saying something along the lines of, "may nagsusuntukan sa room," which would bring a worried look to a teacher's face, but would be followed by Yeng Constantino's song "Salamat," which never fails to put a curved smile on their beloved teacher’s lips.

Relative to the topic, during my seventh grade, our surprise also brought smiles to our teachers. We brought instruments, like the piano and ukulele, to dedicate a song to our teachers while offering them our hands for a dance. We put our souls into the melody, feeling each word in the lyrics, and dancing to the rhythm to show our instructors how much we love them. We also performed spoken word poetry, purchased cake, and gave our heroes a lot of surprises and gifts! We felt content when we saw their tearful eyes and Duchenne smiles since we knew that our efforts had paid off because of how much bliss and warmth our small surprise had brought to their hearts. Although not all teachers may receive the same present, they should nonetheless, feel valued for their efforts on this particular day allotted for them.

There are countless ways to express our gratitude to our torch-bearers known as teachers, but there is only one main message we want to convey; we are fortunate to have a master of all trades who nurtures our knowledge and skills, shapes our future, and inspires each student to advance along the better course of life. Since the sacrifices they offer on our table open the door to our tomorrow, they deserve more than what they currently receive. Most teachers are underpaid, the higher-ups do not value them for what they are truly worth. The higher-ups must make all teachers feel appreciated, and pay them greater attention because they are essential in our society. Their obligations do not only influence an individual's future, but also the future of the nation. They serve as our compasses because they are not just teachers by profession, but also teachers who provide the lessons and directions that function both in academics and in our lives.

Celebrating World Teachers' Day serves as a reminder to everyone that teachers symbolize true heroes who spread knowledge by using their power: the ability to teach. It is a day to reflect on how important it is for everyone to honor and recognize the sacrifices and efforts they put into their profession. We all owe it to our beloved master of all trades, our wonderful teachers, for imparting information to each student for the advancement of their individuality and toward society.



This essay won 1st place in the SHS Essay Writing Contest of the Main Library. Congratulations to Mr. Fabros!

What a Teacher Is
Simon Theodore P. Fabros

Teacher – someone who educates you, someone who helps you in school as you grow up. Across different subjects in classes and different departments in schools, teachers are the ones who help us develop knowledge and understanding about the seemingly colossal problems and issues we have in life. They are also the ones who tell us to make the neglected diminutive things matter in our life. They’re always there for you and ready to listen to you whenever you have problems that are either school-related or personal. To other people, they might view a teacher as they are. But for me, I view them not only as a teacher, but as their own,  human, and as a second parent as well.

From the very beginning of their careers, down to the end, having taught as a career requires our teachers to go to such great lengths to be recognized as a teacher. It takes unbelievable amounts of time, patience, and money to be considered a licensed teacher. In some cases, literal blood, sweat, and tears are even lost in the process. Our teachers may not be telling us about their problems, but we know for a fact that they go through many hurdles day by day. Thinking about how they could deliver their complex lessons in simple ways that their students would understand is very pressuring. It is also tiring to think about how they have to wake up early to be able to prepare themselves for the school day that is about to come just to come home late at night, tired and haggard, which is very gruesome. They also have to deal with responsibilities in their home after dealing with responsibilities at school, which is why seeing them every day with a smile on their face is captivating. The determination and motivation they have in them are inspiring, and they’re setting the bar for us students to follow their lead in doing so with our own lives.

All of the sacrifices that our teachers have made for us will not simply go unnoticed. Knowing the hardships that they have gone through; we should appreciate them for those. With the way that they are all treating us nicely with care and passion, we should learn how to reciprocate those same feelings and actions to them. There are many ways to appreciate a teacher, and some of those could be thanking them for teaching us and being with us, helping them carry their stuff around the hallways,  erasing whatever is written on the whiteboard after their lessons, and many, many more. The possibilities and choices to make their days a little better are endless. These acts may seem small, simple, and easy for us to do, but to our teachers, hearing warm words and receiving affectionate actions from us, the people that they consider as our children, are big to them.

Being a teacher is one of the most dignifying, rewarding, and fulfilling jobs a person can have. Teachers are the ones who can influence and help shape the hearts and minds of future generations to come. They are already becoming a strong foundation for the future by educating the hopes of the future, which is us. Our teachers are selfless in doing these. By teaching us information and guiding us in different scholarly and worldly subjects, we become better people and members of society as days go by. Aside from that, our teachers are also the ones who get to see how we develop as a person and as a student throughout the years, apart from our parents. We make them feel happy and proud every time we get achievements in school and our homes, may those achievements be big or small. Our teachers being happy and proud about our achievements are the rewards and fulfillment that they sow for being good to us.

Looking back, a teacher is simply not just a teacher for they are beyond just that. A teacher could also be one's second parent, support system, therapist, friend, and more. They sometimes go unappreciated, but we are here to change that and to make them feel loved. They change us and our lives for the better, little by little, and we should thank them for that. Honestly, we would go nowhere without them, without the school and life lessons that they wholeheartedly give to us, and without the sacrifices that they have made for us. They are not just teachers. There is more to them, and that is what a teacher is.



This essay won 2nd place in the SHS Essay Writing Contest of the Main Library. Congratulations to Mr. Herman!

Becoming Human: Teaching and its Social Importance
Radjah P. Herman

            What has let the human race survive throughout the few centuries it has existed in a short amount of time in comparison to the age of the Earth?
 Species big and small, fur and scale, that have dominated much longer in the world, were not able to evolve into a being with much high intellect and understanding. Yet we, the human race that is descended from mammary apes, have gone far enough that we cannot only adapt to the environment but wield it to match our preferable living conditions. Though one may argue that these follow with scientific evolution, such is the transfer of knowledge is it not? From savagery, teaching caused man into consciousness and rationality that led man to become human- the very evolutionary trait that sets us apart from other species.

Through the epochs of time that went by, gaining knowledge is always in a period of transformation. By continuous passing of learning from one mind to another, we can develop each idea and think into something more significant; philosophies, sciences, arts, and most importantly, methods of education. It is true that human life experiences a subsequent change each time passes and will continue to be such. However, these so-called changes may or may not be for the betterment of humanity. This is why education has a vital role to play and that is to find solutions to the predicament caused by these series of changes. Even so, this proves as a mighty challenge for education as these solutions require the production of bright, innovative minds of individuals and this cannot be achieved without a suitable teacher.

Teachers are the backbone of human society. Fulfilling their roles passionately under the vision of education is the noblest task to establish a functioning society. Assigned to this role carries an unprecedented weight and challenge to deliver and flourish young minds as modern education standards continue to match the needs and demands of the population. Moreover, the social importance of teachers continues to be relevant now more than ever as information continues to be misrepresented in the digital era.

Education has come a long way since the dawn of human civilization and it is undeniable that as long as the human race exists, the process of learning about the nature of man and the world continues to prosper. Yet, the challenges will never be over as we continue to discover more problems than solutions, such as disinformation in this contemporary world. Given the social role of education, it will never topple, perhaps temporarily delayed, but will never end as long as the human race possesses a mind and spirit.


This essay won 3rd place in the SHS
Essay Writing Contest of the Main Library. Congratulations to Mr. Givanim!

Success Says Thanks
Lance Lester J. Givanim 

Teaching is an exhausting job filled with challenges. It requires not only the ability to teach but also other skills and characteristics to help instill knowledge in the minds of their students. Annually, their hard work and efforts are celebrated internationally on the 5th of October. Students would usually dedicate songs, letters, or performances to give thanks to their teachers. These acts of appreciation can make a teacher's day, but it would be much more valuable to express it in more meaningful ways. Our success is the best form of gratitude we can offer to our teachers.

As the product of our teacher's dedication, it is best to show how much their efforts have helped us thrive. We, students, are the seeds that teachers nourish in shaping the professionals that will develop in the future. It can determine how effective and efficient a teacher is, but it also depends on us students on how we utilize the knowledge given to us. Exhibiting growth from the guidance and nurturing of our teachers is fulfillment in their careers.  

Showing value to what our teachers do can also signify respect for their commitment to their passion. It does not need to be a grand gesture or something extravagant. Sometimes, small, sincere actions contribute to more positive effects. It can be as simple as being insightful in discussions, prepared for class activities, reliable in given situations, or exhibiting excellent academic performance. Simply doing our best in everything can motivate or inspire them to do their job.

Applying the knowledge our teacher has taught us justifies the need and importance of their job. It serves as a receipt of their work and proof that it did not go to waste. Utilizing what they have given to us and turning it into something beneficial to our own is an accomplishment for our educators. After all, application is the main essence of learning.

Saying thank you to our teachers, professor, coaches, and other educators is not the only way we can express our gratitude toward them. Improving ourselves with the lessons we learn from them is already a form of appreciation for their devotion to developing lifelong learning professionals that would lead the country in the future. It is great to celebrate their benevolence once in a while, but it is much more meaningful to help them accomplish their purpose and aspirations in life by opening our minds and keeping our willingness to learn. We must always strive toward our goals because our success is proof of our teachers’ passion.



This essay won 4th place in the SHS
Essay Writing Contest of the Main Library. Congratulations to Mr. Cruz!

Paolo Andrei S. Cruz

            "Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." - William Butler Yeats.

 The key to a prosperous hereafter is education; everyone has the right to have stable access and can use organic fuel to energize intellect in everything one does. Humans swiftly grasped between one another, towards the approaching blazes that caused one of them to receive natural and successful learnings with exquisite guidance. Pouring appropriate academic skills that foster values, inventiveness, and higher-order thinking skills are elements to rise from the ashes with virtue in the 21st century. Education is very beneficial to people because it reveals ideas and thinking. Knowledge in a subject that enables one to consider, perceive, and engage in a manner that thus supports success in endeavors and raises the happiness of one and others. By the token, it shapes human personality, ideas, and interactions with others; it prepares people hereafter. It elevates their stature in their own culture and elsewhere they dwell. In all that, there are the people who are accountable for the welfare of individuals. They influence society to live because they inspire, motivate, and grow a brand-new era of learners. They support students in understanding the value and significance of professional growth. They belonged in a space with people who create intense heat and start a fire, supplying a group of great minds. They are called teachers.

            Some people were doomed to failure when they were young. Maybe they did not do well in school, or it was more personal. But then something happened, and they grew up to be good, healthy individuals who significantly impacted the community. Teachers act as torches. They, as the light at the end of the tunnel. They extend a helping hand to people, especially learners who face personal and academic challenges, by offering temporary fixes. They support students in becoming successful individuals beyond the class to impart knowledge. They assist them in resolving the issues on their own. The learners can focus on addressing their problems ethically and developing answers after an essential component of the crafted classroom environment.

            One of the essential subjective traits in shaping students is the ability to be socially aware and interactively. The skills and characteristics contribute to personality, which helps them stand out in a crowd. Teachers assist children in acquiring social skills, which leads to academic success. Their distinct practices, which serve as the foundation of methods, are intended to foster strong classroom interactions between them. They want to encourage young children to work together and to feel like they are part of a sector that looks out for them. Teachers set behavioral and learning expectations for their students to internalize those objectives and learn how to govern their conduct over time. Teachers can boost the esteem and confidence of their students; provide them with the primary skills they need to thrive socially and intellectually. A good sense of self-confidence is demanded of the learners to enhance their social skills, become more adaptable, and incorporate their whole viewpoint inside and outside the classroom.

            The teacher serves as the backbone of the students. They instruct to go in the proper direction while having the appropriate features; one cannot imagine a bright future without their signs. A good teacher has many positive personality traits. They are composed, energetic, imaginative, challenging, and compassionate. They are adaptable and considerate with their time and are always willing to listen. They put themselves in positions owning a great sacrifice for the sake of the learners. Validating their work will help them feel good; World Teachers' Day is marked yearly to recognize and honor their value and significance. The purpose of the event is to acknowledge the accomplishments of teachers all across the world. Students enjoy planning gratitude and appreciation remarks for their teachers; they are full of surprises. Writing letters, giving flowers and sweets, making a song of dedication, and many other things are sent as gifts to ensure the accommodated emotions of their teachers. It melts the heart every time one notices that the teachers are happy despite the problems, difficulties, and pitfalls they are combating. They are still doing their best for the sake of the future of their students. The dedication to the success of the students sets apart passionate teachers. Teaching success requires commitment, which is a crucial component. Teachers who care deeply about the growth of each student are challenged by how to keep them learning. They foster curiosity and enthusiasm for learning and are enthusiastic about their work, which is a quality that justifies their validation.

            Teaching is a magnificent profession that entails a great deal of duty and obligation to students. Teachers inspire and motivate students to take significant life milestones in addition to imparting information and preparing them for the future. They continue to fortify the assurance of the students and guide them in the proper route. Many teachers dedicated their whole life to empowering their students and assisting them in becoming more valuable, successful individuals. They provide the foundation for outstanding behaviors by offering high-quality teaching. A teacher is someone who spreads information and shapes the way that students live; they are endowed with humility and show students how to achieve. They get the highest levels of esteem in society, thanks to their scholarly achievements, and take on the responsibility of improving the quality of living of the populace. Elements, including teaching abilities, topic expertise, personality traits, and information delivery, influence the students. Teachers push the students to think outside the box to succeed in every aspect. Teachers as fuel to stimulate capacities to fire out knowledge and inadequacies of students; to ignite a massive blaze of fresh and astounding discoveries, learnings, and specifics that will produce dazzling conclusions.